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Dolly Girls

For all things Amy Lee, Pullip, Kate Bush, and doll related

Doll Girl
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Hi, my name is Natasha and I live in Hampshire in the UK. I love collecting Pullip, Blythe, Elfdoll and Delf dolls. Music wise I like listening to Mesh, Queen Adreena, The Gathering, Evanescence, Kate Bush and Mortiis. I also spend a lot of my time surfing the net, going to goth clubs, buying or making really cool Gothic Lolita style clothes, buying yet another cactus to fill my flat, gardening and eating chocolate quite frequently. I also like visiting old ruins and anywhere with a bit of history. I'm a little bit eccentric and a little bit nutty according to people who know me, but I think that's a good thing. I have a cat named Salem to which I devote a lot of my attentions when I'm not glued to Ebay. I tend to spend the odd saturday night down the Dungeon or Nexus nightclub with my other half. My favourite colours are pink and purple. I love all animals especially cats and I hate stupid people. My favourite food is chips and onion rings. I love watching trashy soaps like Eastenders and coronation street but I hate football especially when its on every channel of the TV.
1970's, 1980's, amethyst, amy lee, angelica huston, anime, anti chav, barbie, batman returns, bats, billy idol, bjds, bjork, black, bleak house, bluebells, blythe, bram stoker, brighton, cactus, care bears, carrie, castles, catra, cats, chinese food, chips, chocolate, christopher lee, christopher walken, clubbing, computers, covenent, crimped hair, da vinci code, depeche mode, doll maker sites, dolls, dracula, duckula, ebay, edward burne-jones, elvira, emily the strange, emo, evanescence, fishnets, flowers, fluffy, frills, fur, furby, gary oldman, golden girl, goldfrapp, goth, goth clubs, gothic, gothic lolita, gothic revival, hammer horror, hello kitty, horror, horror films, inkubus sukkubus, james herbert, japan, jem, jet, kate bush, kitch, kokeshi, kookart, krull, lace, lace gloves, legend, littlest pet shop, living dead dolls, lost boys, luts, macbeth, madonna, mannequins, meltdown, mesh, mice, miffy, mortiis, my chemical romance, net, net skirts, new rocks, nexus, nine inch nails, old films, onyx, peacock feathers, petticoats, pink, poltergeist, pre-raphaelite, pucca, pullip, purple, queen adreena, rabbits, red, red hair, retro, roal dahl, roses, ruby, ruby gloom, ryung, scary miss mary, scotland, seahorses, she-ra, silver, sindy, southampton, spooky stuff, stephen king, stripey tights, superdollfie, tarot, taxidermy, the dungeon, the gathering, tim burton, tori amos, trolls, unit 22, velvet, victorian, violet, vnv nation, wade wimsies, winter, witches, wonderwoman, wuthering heights