Ryung is on her way. woo hoo :) I had the delivery confirmation yesterday :)

I really like Hestia dolls too but not that easy to get as yet. I wasn't sure on the blonde hair at first but its kind of grown on me.

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New Pullip arrived..............

I totally forgot to post the news on my 2nd Pullip arriving, It was the excitement of the Elfdoll purchase that distracted me I think :) Anyway her name is Rosabel and shes a red riding hood pullip. I will post some pics of her shortly but heres the standard pic to show what she looks like

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BJD and Luts

I am so excited :) I have bought (Or rather my partner bought for me :)) Ryung from eluts.com. Here's a piccy of her

We paid for the face up and some cool clothes for her too. I didn't really she was 60cm tall!!! I kinda didn't realise just how big that was until I actually got the tape measure out the other day.

I rather like Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo which is a limited addition but I felt she was just a bit too gothy for me. Here's some pics from eluts.com of her

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